Chateau Troja in Prague

A chateau within a city is always nice. In this case it is not only a summer residence by some noble people of Prague but most probably one of the most fascinating places in Prague. Unknown by most of the tourists it is therefore a jewel and a great opportunity to see a highlight of Prague without crowded tourists. B(e)special Tours always searches for non-touristical traps to enjoy the city to the fullest.

A chateau like that looks more than a villa. It was built in the roman baroque stile. The name was given to the castle due to the mythological staircase in the garden side. Wenzel Adalbert von Sternberg got the inspiration to construct this castle during a visit in Rome and it’s suburb’s villas. So enjoy a trip to Rome within Prague.

Troja chateau in Prague

a fascinating artistic chateau in Prague

This chateau was not only a hideaway from the city center to the countryside but also an artistic place to enjoy and also to show off. Directly by the Chateau is not only a park as a roman park but also a vineyard to always have the perfect location for parties and a relaxing time. During the years of 1679-1685 the owner had this chateau built with a great park, very ornate terra-cotta vases and the direct views to baroque paintings within the chateau. In different places of the chateau it is decorated with heraldic motives and the family’s code of arms. The highlight of the outside decoration is the stone-cut staircase to the garden with mythological and allegorical motives .

The inside is with a lot of wall and ceiling frescos by the artists of Abraham Godyn, Francesco and Giovanni Machetti and Carpoforo Tencalla.

ceiling fresco of chateau Troja

The wall ceilings in the central room of the chateau are one of the most sample collections of baroque and illusorial paintings within the boheam countries. Abraham Godyn, painter from Antwerp, decorated the room in the years 1691-1697. He worked with tempera, instead of the usual fresco technique. This very well chosen technique let the possibilities to create more details and colors. In this room the reality of painting is perfectly expressed. From real life to fake tapestry, to illusorical architectures, as well as plastics and reliefs on the opposite side of the windows. All these scenes are a praise to the dynasty of the Habsburgs, the christianity and the occupation of the turks in Vienna 1683. All this was created according the visit of the king Leopold the 1st in Prague.

The rest of the ceilings were decorated by the end of the 17th. century by Carpoforo Tencalla, Francesco and Giovanni Francesco Marchetti and show different symbols, allegorical, scenes of the historical, mythological stories, bible stories and happenings, as well as exotically landscapes. A must to be seen.

Nowadays the Chateau of Troja host the collection of the czech art of the 19th. Century from the national gallery of Prague.

Every now and then musicians give a free concert in the park for everybody that wants to listen.

the Garden and view to Prague castle from Troja chateau

Drive with us to the Troja Castle and enjoy this spectacular place full of stories and history. We are looking forward to meet you here in Salzburg and enjoy a private tour to Prague and the czech republic. Best regards and a good travel Bespecialtours!