Salzburg during the second lockdown

A city trying to live during the pandemic

The following Text is a very personal statement from Gerlinde Maria Praher-Schneck, it is not a political or science post

If you now go through the streets of Salzburg, it feels uncomfortable. It is nearly empty, the shops are mainly closed in the main shopping Area of Salzburg Oldtown.

Since Tuesday we have a second lockdown due to COVID-19 Pandemic. But it is not the same like it was in March 2020. Very less people here are actual following the rules. They now know the tricks to go out even there is restriction of moving outside the own apartments or houses. It is allowed to go for a walk or doing sports. So the main people who were following the rules in spring are now going out like they ever did, washing their cars at the carwash, going to the supermarket to shop or just being out in nature or on the mountains.

What I personally miss is the “together we make it!” sense, which was here at the beginning of the year. In my personal opinion it gets more and more egoistic – as long as I am not infected, what should I longer smaller down my personal life.

We have three little kids, which grow up now in a world of face masks. My 3year one will not touch me, while wearing a mask – and of course she does not understand. She is not able to go to a childhood garden, as these are open – but it is just possible to bring her to the door and everyday you cannot be sure, that it is open longer. She miss playing with others or just the visit of her godmother and their son. I do not want to grow up my kids in this times. But they are here no – and the pandemic is.

It would be great to find a solution to life with – only vaccine will be for sure not the solution. It is very difficult for all the politics to find solutions and then being shouted by the other parties to do it wrong. In my opinion there is no right or wrong. It just should be a way to become comfortable and find a way to life all together with COVID-19.

We miss the tourists here in Salzburg, they always were a part of the city background of Salzburg. And we personally miss also travelling. The world changed. We will have to find a new way to handle with.

Perhaps we all share similar thoughts, perhaps completely different ones. It is all okay, the only thing I would bet – don’t forget – it is one World and we are all living in the same world.

Winter view to the town of Salzburg

winter in Salzburg!

Together we will make the tourism great again and are looking forward a nice new year, welcoming lots of guests again!