Salzburg has a perfect combination of history, baroque styled buildings, outstanding nature and music

Salzburg, for long time an independent area ruled by archbishops that were church and government in one. They left they signs and styles all here. Salzburg has it all: baroque and elegant style, beautiful location – bedded between two hills and along a river, surrounded with steep mountains to the south and smooth hills to the north. The city goes back to the roman time, with many churches, small streets and music everywhere. Salzburg has been since a bit over 200years part of Austria and has been the location for more than 100 years of its classical music festival.
This said you can realize that the city has much more to offer than one expects when coming for the first time to Salzburg. Most probably arriving in the more modern section of the tow, it looks like many other towns but soon will show it real beauty and its heart and jewels.
The city was birthplace of poets and composers (W.A. Mozart, Mohr, etc.) and it still inspires many artists once they come to this town.
The location is just the ideal to feel like in a movie set and therefore was used for many movies, such as the Sound of Music, or Knight&Day, or where eagle’s dare and many other movies, to just name some few.
The acoustics are great and therefore many musicians come every year to perform in this elegant city. During the summer time the city just transforms into a stage.
During the christmas time it turns into a perfect setting of winter wonderland, beautiful lights, ginger bread and hot moulded wine to feel and turn into the perfect atmosphere. From this region also christmas carols, such as silent night were created and exported all over the world.

So if you come for the first time be prepared to see the city from all different angles, of local products and foods that the city offers to some great views and lots of history.

palace of Mirabell and garden

a walk through town

Start off with a local guide, or explore the city by yourself at the Mirabell palace, the city hall of Salzburg, a beautiful palace and do not miss out the marble room (some people say one of the nicest rooms in Austria) and explore the park where you can see yourself in the location of the Do-Re-Mi song and sing and replay some pieces.
After getting out toward the city on the Markart square where you can find the birth place of Christian Doppler and the Mozart’s living house (a nice museum) turn to the right towards the river and cross it over the “Love-lock” bridge and enter the old town.
You will realize small streets with many nice shops and also many hidden gems and do not forget to look also up to see the beautiful signs and buildings. The most crowded place is in from of the Mozart’s birthplace in the Getreidegasse and once passed that you will be able to get away from the crowds. DO not miss out to see the St. Peter’s cemetery and the St. Peter’s restaurant (europe’s oldest restaurant where already Charlemain ate) and make your way up to the hill passed the Stiegl’s Keller to the Nonnberg abbey. You will have great views over the city and following the road you can even see the south part of the city, without having to go into the fortress.
If you want to have the best view of Salzburg you need to climb another hill, called Kapuziner Berg and just below the abbey you have the best view of Salzburg (be aware that there are some steps to climb up there).

If you want to have most of the inside, please take a walking tour with a local guide that will show you the best this city has to offer.

Some of the highlight to see please also visit 10things to do in Salzburg.

Enjoy Salzburg and the surrounding with Be Special Tours Salzburg.


Salzburg view from above